Cosmetic Nano Zinc Oxide

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Quality Zinc Oxide UV A and UV B Blockers

Zinc Oxide is one of the finest broad spectrum UV ( Ultra Violet Rays ) blockers available
It is approved by the US FDA for use as a broad spectrum sun blocker in sunscreen lotions
Zinc also exhibits anti-bacterial properties and is useful for pharmaceutical applications

Nano Zinc Oxide powders are used in

  • Sunscreen's and Sunblock
  • Lipstick
  • Anti-Bacterial Lotions
  • Rubber Emulsions
  • UV stabiliser in Plastics
  • As a catalyst in the chemical Industry

Zinc Oxide is extremely stable and does not degrade from Sun Exposure
Zinc Oxide is insoluble in water and is well suited for water resistant sunblock
Zinc Oxide is non toxic and approved by the US FDA as a Food Additive
Nano particle size powders are completely translucent and leave an invisible UV barrier

Why Use Nano Zinc Oxide?

The major difference between Nano and micro / fine Zinc Oxide powders is the level of opacity
Zinc Oxide particles that are bigger than 150 Nano meters are used as a white pigment in paints and cosmetics
This whitening effect vanishes when the particles size is smaller than 100 Nano meters creating a invisible but highly effective broad spectrum UV barrier.

Small orders are catered for

Nano Zinc Oxide the Future of Sunscreen's